Series -lake

If these images should tell a story, it is carelessly viewed minimalist scene without constant state of confusion. Little ripple on surface of water seize being, as well as desire of adventure.

Series -there is always something more

At the journey along in thought, it's many more roads, as an appear. The hidden meanings taken a form of an inner narrative. Moving of water is often simple, nevertheless, digests the lines different sceneries and meanings combine to produce embedded metaphor, image and ambiguity.

Series -the transcendental world

..constructed from the seeing the concept on categories that it imposes human self.. .. embraced the element of chance, engaged to create a visual language of quietly in nature through symbolism..

Series -stillness

Dusk and stillness are the mine theme in this series. Deceptively in the uncanny, but simple scene without people, interpreting ageless. Although visual influenced from late works by French photographer, master Eugene Atget.


Theme -clouds

Almost in all of my photographs are clouds included. Using the medium of photography as form to transmit meaning, way to find the consistency in my inner spirit presented by the abstract forms, colors, forms, deeply include softnesses in the ethereal forms of clouds. That is something what is closely related of my intimated feeling, also translating in philosophy of everyday experience.


"reminiscence" - used be interpret as a dreamy way for remembering of the past.

"Reminiscence" is my ongoing project. With this project is not about for a actual moment, much more a 'deja vu', an enjoyable recollection of past events. Attention an abstraction by the image with my recollection of past, to find reflections in your own memory.