Blue (ongoing... )

In a 1927 letter to Sigmund Freud, Romain Rolland—a French dramatist and friend of Sigmund—coined the phrase “oceanic feeling” to refer to the sensation of being one with the universe.

According to Romain Rolland, this feeling defines the source of all religious energy that spreads throughout various religious systems, and one may justifiably call oneself religious on the basis of this oceanic feeling alone, even if one renounces every belief and every illusion.

In Blue Color I see opening up immaterial realms. Blue is the colour of the sky and its reflection on water surfaces. Blue color offered a way to creating a spiritual, alchemical experience beyond time. Therefore, the material subject in photograph is expressed in simplicity, isolated. The real subject experience the blue color itself.

Series I nameed the place... -Minimalism

Series The land of sun

Theme clouds

Almost in all of my photographs are clouds included. Using the medium of photography as form to transmit meaning, way to find the consistency in my inner spirit presented by the abstract forms, colors, forms, deeply include softnesses in the ethereal forms of clouds. That is something what is closely related of my intimated feeling, also translating in philosophy of everyday experience.